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I help companies to build up

discourses and strategies for their

brands, products and services, 

through design approaches and innovation processes. 



I hold a master degree in design by a

renowned British institution and carry

20 years of effective experience in

strategic design for business


Strategic designer

Business innovator

People connector

Creative mind



As a strategic thinker, I connect concept, form and market knowledge to build narratives for products, services and brands, through design approaches and innovation processes. Over the past 20 years, I have worked extensively on high value generation projects, for a brief list of international brands.


After 10 years on the Pay TV Channels GLOBOSAT and now at GLOBO Mediatech, I have worked as chief manager of the strategic design and innovation team, directing a group of designers/facilitators on the implementation of innovation processes. 


Together we have scale the practice of collaborative, immersive and agile design methods. Both with external partner brands (sales teams), as well as internally, supporting organizational transformation (human resource, digital products, branding and marketing teams).


Ahead of GLOBO innovation lab, I have created and adapted methods and tools to accelerate media strategy, connecting actionable information, expert teams and several professionals in collaborative innovation sessions, for clients from different industries (eg.: finances, goods, auto, food and educational).

In addition to that, as academic experience, I have been frequently asked to deliver lectures, keynotes and classes for executives and young professionals, on the subjects of user centred design, design thinking and design research.


In 2018 I have also published the result of my master degree experiments, as a descriptive design method book, “Pixelated Generation”.




A descriptive research

method through the

design approach.

Geração Pixelada [Pixelated Generation] investigates the impact of online social networks on subculture groups and maps, from the perspective of design, the aesthetics and narrative created by these young people.

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